Creating new business
opportunities with the aim
of the further development
of my homeland of Africa

Graduate School of International Relations

Buyisile Nzima

Marubeni Corporation


I work at a Japanese general trading house, where I am working hard to create new business opportunities that make use of technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. To grasp business opportunities, it is essential to identify trends in the environment and society surrounding the market. The knowledge and information gathering skills that I deepened through my research work at IUJ, where I observed the business environments of major countries on the African continent from micro to macro perspectives, have definitely proved beneficial in my current job. I am also working on interacting with people from other business types and industries, with the aim of expanding my personal networks across the entire African continent. I want to keep supporting the further development of Africa, my homeland, leveraging the personal connections that I have forged to date and the IUJ network.


Buyisile Nzima Marubeni Corporation Completed International Relations Program, Graduate School of International Relations, in 2018

GSIR 国際関係学研究科