Drawing on our cross-cultural experience,
Connecting people across borders

Graduate School of International Management

Hajime Numata

Terumo BCT, Inc.
(Medical device manufacturer)


I am currently working for Terumo BCT, Inc. a subsidiary of Terumo Corporation, a global manufacturer and provider of medical devices and services. Terumo BCT, Inc. is headquartered in the United States. I am mainly involved in the formulation of business strategies through appropriate communication with the parent company, Terumo Corporation, in a coordinating role.

In the process of communicating with the parent company, I also feel that it is difficult to communicate with the parent company because it crosses national borders. One of these is stereotyping the culture and values of the other country. For example, some may have the impression that Americans do not read between the lines of things as compared to Japanese. In reality, however, we read between the lines and take various aspects of things into consideration when we speak. This gap between the image and the reality can lead to mutual misunderstandings and become an obstacle to business progress. In order to eliminate as many of these obstacles as possible, we try to explain clearly how they think and what their values are, so that both parties can understand each other as much as possible.

In taking on this coordinator role, I feel that my experience as a student at IUJ is being put to good use. IUJ is a graduate university located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, and attracts government officials, business people, and others with diverse careers from about 60 countries and regions. As a business person myself, I often think about how to apply the knowledge I have gained to my business. Government officials, on the other hand, have opinions from the perspective of how to utilize the information in national policies and how to give it back to society. In addition, different countries In this day and age when we are expected to not only simply pursue profits, but also to collaborate with people from various walks of life and make an impact on the country and society, I feel that the experience of cross-cultural coexistence at IUJ was extremely valuable.and cultures attract even more diverse opinions.

We are now in a time when things are turning around, partly due to COVID- 19. We believe that greater value can be created through collaboration between the "ability to create something from scratch and change society," which is a specialty of people from overseas, and the "ability to make something even better," which is a specialty of Japanese people. In today's world where there are hurdles to studying abroad, it is important to have an environment like that of an international university where one can be involved in diverse cultures, careers, and religions while still being in Japan. Using my studies at IUJ as a starting point, I would like to contribute to the field of medicine by expanding my knowledge and getting involved in company management.


Hajime Numata Terumo BCT, Inc.(coordinator) Completed 1-year MBA program, Graduate School of International Management, in 2013

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