IUJ Global Lecture Series_insightworX #January2023



IUJ Global Lecture Series_insightworX #January2023


IUJ was fortuned to have Dr. David Malone, rector of the United Nations University as a special guest speaker for IUJ Global Lecture Series- IUJ insightworX on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023.

Here is the overvew of the lecture:

"Performanace of and prospects for the United Nations since 1945"

This United Nations has been the nodal multilateral organization bringing together nearly all the countries of the world. From its modest beginning focusing mainly on peace and security, its mandates and activities have spread across security, humanitarian, economic and human rights fields as well as some more technical ones.

The UN has withstood many challenges since 1945, including during the Cold War, but the current breakdown in relationships among the permanent five members of the UN Security Council, each of which can veto decisions by that body and thus paralyze it on the issue in question, there is growing frustration that the UN cannot be fully effective on the current Ukraine crisis, even if it is deeply involved on humanitarian and nuclear containment levels.

Will the UN continue to be the premier international organization, or has the time come to consider other options?

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